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Jolanda Wicherson - Career & Kids

I participated in the course CSR implementation in practice by ACVO. You learn in a pleasant way to formulate CSR objectives and to make an effective CSR plan. Now that the implementation of CSR has no secrets for me anymore, I also worked on a pilot for the benefit of ISOFastTrack.
This program gives on the basis of clear questions an overview of how a company is doing in terms of CSR policy, and where opportunities lie. It also saves the cost of a CSR expert. With this 'in my pocket' I'm a lot more confident about the CSR issues within my company! "

Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

I often deal with organizations that are struggling with dealing how to implement new developments as sustainability and corporate social responsibility. I help them myself on the area of less driving, greener driving and cleaner driving. But that’s only one part of the bigger picture. With ISOFastTrack, my clients now can fully implement CSR within the organization. That’s why I find it a valuable addition to the specific expertise I have. As a consultant of ISOFastTrack I try to impart to the company needs. Practical and concrete, in simple language but with the expertise that I have worked up in recent years. And with my passion: transport is beautiful, sustainable transport is  powerful.

Henriëtte Heijne – Freelancer with the motto 'Working from passion'

ISOFastTtrack has given me insight to look at my organization with other eyes. Like I flew with a helicopter above my own company. It was an awareness where I stand and it is immediately clear which actions I’m going to take this year, and when I’m going to do them. My focus is therefore tightened again. CSR that is what I stand for. ISOFastTrack helps me with that. It brings people and ideas in motion to work to a sustainable result. Ready to apply? 

Arjan Timmer - F.L. Liebregts B.V.

Corporate Social Responsibility. Within our organization and for many more people business as usual. But what exactly are you doing on CSR? On which areas and with which department? The guideline ISO 26000 gives handles with the seven core subjects of CSR, but to implement it right you really need to have a lot of knowledge of this guideline. With thanks to our pilot with ISOFastTrack in an easy and fast way we made clear what our current status on CSR is. By allocating the core subjects to several colleagues, the awareness inside our organization has grown and everyone is involved in an active way. Now we are ready for the next step, the implementation, I’m confident as a CSR manager that this process will work as planned.

Robin Simons - Van Heteren

"Everywhere you hear or read that companies and governments orient themselves to the implementation of CSR. To develop a good business strategy, CSR is a worthwhile investment. ISOFastTrack leads you through the seven core subjects of CSR. On the basis of clear questions you get a good picture of where the company stands in terms of CSR. By creating an action plan you set deadlines to the actions that are imposed with the highest priority. Furthermore the ISOFastTrack Support Team gives you useful feedback. This creates a clear strategy and vision on how to implement CSR within the company during the year. "
Robin Simons, Van Heteren