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The ISOFastTrack action plan

ISOFastTrack reveals which aspects of CSR are already there in your organization. From the outstanding points is then compiled an action plan.

To-do list

The action plan for your organization is used as a to-do list for the coming year. It is wise to choose ambitious and achievable actions that fit well with your business. Also we recommend to pick actions from each core subjects.

Deadlines for actions

In the action plan you set deadlines. You can monitor this in the system and ISOFastTrack itself sends you reminder emails. The program has a time management function. You can continue to follow if the assigned actions are being performed on time and that the stakeholders are being involved in the actions. You can change the action if objectives have been achieved. The action remains available in the system. In fact, you can also choose to set higher goals or other actions/targets. This makes ISOFastTrack an infinite process that constantly takes care of improvement within your organization.

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