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To use the online application ISOFastTrack, an annual fee is required. The costs for the first year are higher than the years after that.

In the Netherlands the price is set on € 950,00 (exclusive 21%  VAT) for the first year. Per follow year the costs are € 475,00 (exclusive 21% VAT). Ask your ISOFastTrack advisor for the price in your country. (link contact).

At the end of each user year you are being asked in an email if you want to extend your membership. This is up to you, ISOFastTrack doesn’t oblige you to prolong the subscription. All information of your organization will safely be stored when you decide to stop the membership.

What do you receive in your membership?

  • A year access to ISOFastTrack so you can create your CSR/ISO 26000 action plan and you can work on your actions
  • Access to the online helpdesk and knowledge base
  • Within the helpdesk you are unlimited allowed to ask questions to get to your CSR action plan (you can also phone us with your questions).

Method of billing

ISOFastTrack works with payment through iDeal (Netherlands). Through the button on the homepage: Create your account, you will enter the screen to actually buy the membership of ISOFastTrack. After the payment you will receive an email with the invoice and the login for ISOFastTrack.

Other costs

You can choose to follow several workshops for using ISOFastTrack. More costs are related to this. You can ask for an offer by sending a mail to
ISOFastTrack is written in accordance with the ISO26000 and much information can be found in the helpdesk, however, it is advisable to purchase the guideline ISO 26000 as reference.