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Below you find a list of the frequently asked questions about ISOFastTrack.

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Do I have to read ISO26000 first?

No you don’t need to do it. The application is a simplified interpretation of ISO26000. The application leads you through the whole ISO 26000 implementation process. The order of the core subjects and questions follows ISO26000, with the big, difficult parts converted into simple, easy to understand questions.


How many questions does ISOFastTrack have?

The application has the same order as ISO26000. It’s split into 7 core subjects with a total of 306 questions, divided in the several sections within each core subject.


What is the connection between ISO26000 and ISOFastTrack?

The questions that form the basis of ISOFastTrack are derived directly from the content of ISO26000, as interpreted and simplified by our expert advisors.


How many people can use ISOFastTrack?

The person who subscribes for ISOFastTrack will be called the CSR manager. This person can allocate the 7 core subjects to individual people within their organization, called CSR Team Leaders (or all to themselves if you are a small organization). In total 7 different people, called teamleaders, can get access to a core subject.


What does ISOFastTrack deliver?

ISOFastTrack is a clever, interactive implementation system. It allows you to quickly see your ‘current state’, which parts of CSR you have already completed (based on any current ISO standards you already hold), and the next steps you need to take. The first stage is that we create you a robust, manually verified and accredited CSR Action Plan. This Action Plan will guide you for the years ahead as you implement CSR within your organization. We supply advice, examples and standard documentation as you implement CSR. You also have unlimited access to our expert helpdesk, either via email or telephone.


How does ISOFastTrack work?

ISOFastTrack takes you by the hand and leads you through the 7 core subjects of ISO26000. You start by answering simplified, concise questions as asked by the ISO26000 standard. By following this process you will identify the parts of ISO 26000 which aren’t yet implemented within your organization. You simply choose the most important ones and we’ll guide you through making an Action Plan. Once you have your Action Plan, we will guide and advise you as you implement CSR into your organization over the days, months and years ahead.


What happens if I already have certain standards such as ISO14001?

We ask you at the start of the process to tell us which standards you already hold, such as ISO9001, ISO14001 etc. By selecting these existing standards, the related questions and parts of ISO26000 will be ‘flagged’ as already covered by another standard so you avoid duplicating your work.


Is ISOFastTrack a CSR self-declaration?

Our expert advisors assure your organization that the Action Plan created is both accurate and ambitious enough. Once your plan is approved and your assurance certificate issued, you can tell everyone that you follow ISO26000 and have set your CSR actions for the year ahead. You can be 100% confident in your self-declaration that your CSR plan for the year ahead is both ambitious and appropriate.


Can ISOFastTrack be certified?

After running through ISOFastTrack and producing an action plan you will get the System Assurance Certificate. This proves that you are aware of the content of ISO26000 and that your organization set ambitious and feasible actions for the year ahead. ISO26000 is not directly certifiable.


How many actions are set in the Action Plan?

We advise you to choose ambitious and feasible actions that are connected to the core business of the organization. The best way to do this is to get the actions from different core subjects and not only 1 core subject. If you choose 2 actions from every core subject in ISO26000 you will have 14 Action Points in total for the year ahead. That is usually a good target but the actual number you choose is specific to each organization.


What does ISOFastTrack do when I have built my Action Plan?

Your first task is to build your Action Plan for the year ahead. Once done, we then help you manage your time as well as give you all of the advice, case studies, forms and standard documents you need to implement your actions. CSR is an on-going process and we help you manage this process year after year, adding more actions to your plan and guiding you to implement them so your CSR is always improving.